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Volume 7                      Number 1                    Jan. 2003



Page No. 

Paper 1

Apparent Density Mapping and 3-D Gravity Inversion of Dharwar Crustal Province

A.P.Singh, D.C.Mishra and G.Laxman



Paper 2

Parallelization Strategies for Seismic Modeling Algorithms

Subrata Chakraborty, Sudhakar Yerneni, Suhas Phadke and Dheeraj Bhardwaj



Paper 3

Nonlinear Triad and Inscale processes in Madden-Julian Oscillations during summer monsoon

D.R.Chakraborty, M.Tewari and R.S.K.Singh



Paper 4

Aerosol Characteristics and Radiative Forcing over industrial areas of urban environment – A case study from Hyderabad and its Environs

K.Madhavi Latha, V.Krishna Prasad and K.V.S.Badarinath



Paper 5

Studies on Columnar Water Vapor Retrieval using IRS-P3 Modular Optoelectronic Scanner (MOS)

K.Madhavi Latha and K.V.S.Badarinath



Paper 6

A note on qualitative appraisal of Radiometric Investigations along the Goa-Kushtagi profile

D.Himabindu and G.Ramadass




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