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Volume 8                       Number 3                        July 2004



Page No.

Paper 1

Modified Werner deconvolution technique for inversion of magnetic anomalies of horizontal circular cylinders
K.S.Sudhakar, P.Rama Rao and I.V.Radhakrishna Murthy 


Paper 2

Real Time Compensation for Aircraft induced noise during high resolution Airborne Magnetic Surveys
B.Vijay Gopal, V.N.Sarma and H.V.Rambabu


Paper 3

Controls on formation and distribution of heavy minerals along southern tip of India

N. Jayaraju


Paper 4

Stable continental region earthquakes due to pressure - weakening of existing faults


Paper 5

Urban Climate Trends – The Indian Scenario

U.S. De and G.S. Prakasa Rao


Paper 6

Continuous measurement of ambient carbon monoxide at tropical coastal station
G.Mohan Kumar, S.Sampath and V.S.Jeena


Paper 7

Behaviour of the upper ocean in response to an idealized symmetric and asymmetric Indian Ocean Cyclone in opposite hemisphere
A.A.Deo, D.W.Ganer and P.S.Salvekar


Paper 8

Bed Rock investigation by Seismic Refraction Method - A case study

V.Venkateswara Rao, J.Srinivasa Raju , B.S.Prakasa Rao and P.Koteswara Rao




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