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     Volume 8                            Number 2                  April 2004



Page No.

Paper 1

India’s Choice of an Energy Policy and its Impact on Future Economic Growth – Discussed with Special Reference to Fossil Fuels

Kottilil Narayanan


Paper 2

Gravity Signature, Crustal Architecture and Collision Tectonics of the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt

Niraj Kumar, A.P. Singh, S.B.Gupta and D.C.Mishra


Paper 3

Delineation of Basement and Curie Isotherm of Bay of Bengal from Spectral Analysis of Magnetic Data
M.Subrahmanyam, N.Vasudeva Rao and T.K.S.Prakasa Rao


Paper 4

Determining sharp layer boundaries from straightforward inversion of resistivity sounding data

M.Israil, Pravin K.Gupta and D.K.Tyagi


Paper 5

Value Addition to the Cartographic Potential of Satellite DataUsing Global Positioning System

S.Srinivasa Rao, Y.V.N.Krishna Murthy and E.Ammineedu


Paper 6

Seismicity in and around Ongole, Andhra Pradesh – an appraisal

P.R.Reddy and K.Chandrakala


Paper 7

My years with the CSIR

Hari Narain


Paper 8

What to trust in a Magnetotelluric Model?

K.K.Roy, S.Dey, S.Srivastava and S.Biswas


Paper 9

Estimation of Crustal Thickness from Power Spectra of Regional Bouguer Gravity: Jadcharla-Vasco Transect

D.Himabindu and G.Ramadass




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